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12 Unique Ways to Market Your Brand with Promotional Water Bottles

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In today’s competitive business world, effective brand marketing is vital for any company. There are various ways that you can market your brand. These techniques include the use of promotional products at events, as gifts or as freebies for a variety of causes.

How These Bottles Can Help with Marketing Your Brand

Custom printed promotional water bottles are great for keeping your brand name in people’s minds. These bottles can be used repeatedly, and each time they are used, your brand is on display. They are also very affordable, so you won’t have to break the bank when marketing your brand.

Promotional water bottles with logo designs are particularly effective. When you think of brands such as Nike, the logo is enough to identify it.

custom plastic sports water bottles

So, how can promotional water bottles help you to market your brand more effectively? Well, let’s look:

  1. Use Them at Corporate Events: Reusable promotional water bottles can be used at events and then taken home and enjoyed by attendees afterward.
  2. Personalize for Special Customers: If you have special customers, such as those who place large orders, personalized promotional water bottles are an ideal way to show your appreciation. Choose something sleek for those who work in an office or something sturdy for those who work in a warehouse or outdoors.
  3. Great for Charity Runs: Does your company get involved in charity events, such as 5K runs? If so, promotional water bottles are the perfect marketing tool.

Donate sports water bottles like those you can squeeze or have a chiller stick for the goodie bag. Athletes will appreciate and use the free swag, and you are contributing to a good cause while getting your name and logo out there. 

Runners competing in marathon

  1. Take Them Along to Trade Shows: If your business exhibits at trade shows and events, you can make use of these bottles to promote your brand with customers. You don’t have to spend a fortune—you can opt for affordable clear promotional water bottles so they don’t compete with the product or service you are selling.
  2. Use Them for Limited Freebies: You can also use these bottles as freebies when running promotions online or in-store for customers. Offering them for a limited period or as a limited number could help to entice customers to participate in a promotion or sign up for your service.
  3. Give Them out at Schools: If your product or service is relevant to schools, education or health, you can also market your brand in educational facilities. Providing reusable water bottles for faculty members or students will help to raise awareness of your brand and company in schools.
  4. Promote the Green Cause: Reusable water bottles are part of working towards a greener environment. You can promote the green cause and market your brand by using these bottles at relevant events. You can also use them as promotional gifts if your company offers green products or services.
  5. Local Sports Teams: If you have a local sports team such as a football team in your area, why not send promotional water bottles to them? Those participating in sports always need access to water, and there is nothing more unsightly than empty plastic bottles left lying on the sidelines of the sports field. Consider donating in bulk so every player and coach promotes your brand.
  6. Use the Right Color and Design: To make an impact, opt for promotional water bottles that reflect your company image and goals. For example, if you run a business that sells party gear you can opt for bold colors and fun designs. On the other hand, if you offer professional services that you wish to promote, you can opt for sleek aluminum bottles.

 Red silver blue custom aluminum water bottles

  1. Social Media Giveaways: Most businesses now use social media to help market their brand. You can incorporate promotional water bottles into this marketing strategy. For instance, you can offer a free branded bottle to the first 50 or 100 people to share your post. This offer means you benefit from your post being shared, as well as advertising from the bottle with your name or brand.
  2. Subscription Freebies: Persuading website visitors to sign up to your newsletter can be hard work. A freebie often does the trick, and what better freebie to send out than one promoting your brand?

You can send out a free promotional water bottle to those who subscribe to your site. This idea means you increase your subscriber numbers and market your brand at the same time.

  1. Camp Thank You – Whether it is an academic enrichment program or an extended summer camp for kids, don’t just send a thank you note to your participants. Send along a customized water bottle, too! What a terrific lesson to teach kids about following up with a thank you while advertising your program to their friends.


You can use promotional water bottles in a variety of ways to market and reinforce your brand. With so many different styles and designs of customized water bottle to choose from, you can easily find a product to reflect your company image and values. 

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