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25 Ways to Use Promotional Water Bottles

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Many events use different strategies to promote themselves, but handing out promotional items is a time-tested tactic. They can help start a conversation with guests and potential customers, or be used to show appreciation for their attendance.

There are many different types of giveaways, but the most reliable ones fit certain criteria. Promotional water bottles are an excellent example of one of the more reliable branding products, as they are affordable and versatile.

Customizable water bottles offer a lot of benefits, including spreading a brand message to guests who will, in turn, continue to spread your message every time they use the bottle. Handing out branded water bottles at your event can ensure you remain in their minds.

We gathered 25 ideas to successfully use promotional water bottles:

  1. Weddings

Help guests remember your special day even more by including a customized water bottle in their goodie bag, along with all your other wedding treats. You can customize the bottle with the date of your celebration, so that every time they use it. they will think of you.

 Colorful custom plastic sports water bottles

  1. Going Green

If you are thinking of doing a green initiative or celebrating Earth Day, promote the event with eco-friendly water bottles. This will demonstrate your commitment to nature and encourage others to do the same. 

  1. Marathons

Remind participants and onlookers it is important to stay hydrated by handing out some branded custom sports water bottles. Also, consider having sturdy copper water bottles or aluminum bottles to include in goodie bags for the winners.

  1. Fundraising

Consider giving out complimentary personalized water bottles to people who donate a certain amount or more to your fundraiser.

  1. Holidays

Create a custom water bottle design combining your brand with a holiday theme to use as a special giveaway to partners, clients, employees or others.

  1. Employee Appreciation

If you are holding any Employee Appreciation Day events, make sure to include some complimentary personalized water bottles in your personnel’s goodie bags.

  1. Environmental Awareness

Discarded plastic bottles contribute to environmental degradation, so show your love for the planet by promoting water bottles made from recyclable materials.

Man volunteering

  1. College Accepted Student’s Day / Orientation

Many college campuses are eco-friendly environments. Encourage student participation by providing them with a logo-embossed customized water bottle.

  1. Gift Basket

Include custom water bottles as part of a package with other giveaways that is useful for many different occasions.

  1. Sports Events

Many events like the annual national sand soccer tournament in Virginia Beach attract huge crowds and lots of sponsors. Get on board by giving participants a customized water bottle with your brand.

  1. Healthy Lifestyle

 Healthy woman exercising holding plastic sports water bottle

Promote a better lifestyle with clean water and custom bottles made with materials that keep the water pure, such as copper water bottles or BPA-free bottles.

  1. Disease Awareness

Help to raise awareness of and educate people on certain health concerns by offering promotional water bottles with germane messages regarding disease awareness.

  1. Product Promotion

Complimentary promotional products can be used to market the launches of primary products and services.

  1. Organizational Outreach

Promotional items can be sent as part of outreach efforts to other organizations or individuals, such as media contacts or potential clients.

  1. Outdoor Events

It is important to keep attendees who are out in the sun all day hydrated, and to thank them for coming, so hand out some water bottles.

  1. Company Retreats

Complimentary customizable water bottles with special brand messages can be handed out at company events, such as picnics and retreats.

  1. Church Events

Whether hosting or sponsoring the event for the church organization, you can provide custom water bottles to help spread your brand message or just to promote cooperation and community.

  1. Conventions

Convince people to come to your table with promotional goodie bags, complete with custom sports bottles.

  1. Educational Trip

Help educate students and keep them hydrated with complimentary water bottles and other goodies to grab their attention.

  1. Tradeshows

Having your own promotional products can help you stand out from all the other booths and tables, and customized water bottles sporting your brand will help you stay in attendees’ minds.

  1. School Events

With pep rallies, football games or whatever else, it can be a good idea to include some giveaways that show some school spirit, like personalized water bottles and other goodies.

  1. Concerts

Keep the party going all day by giving customized sports bottles to attendees. These can be used to promote the event itself, or even the performers.

  1. Served with a Meal

No matter what event you are hosting, handing out a drink along with the food is not only a necessity but also a great strategy. Plus, consider free refills, which are always a favorite with guests.

  1. Customer Appreciation

Send out personalized water bottles to loyal, longtime customers as part of a “thanks” package for staying with you for so long. This works for children’s camps, too. Thank campers for their participation by sending them a bottle with your logo once they get home. It will make the great memories last even longer. 

  1. Rewards Program

Having some complimentary items, like promotional water bottles, in your rewards program are great little incentives.

Final Thoughts

Customizable water bottles are flexible promotional products that can be used for so many occasions. Their ability to fit into such a broad range of roles is what makes them an ideal giveaway item.

Promotional water bottles can be purchased in bulk for relatively cheap, and are convenient to use for consumers. They offer so many opportunities for such a small investment.

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