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All About Insulated Water Bottles

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Men running with insulated plastic sports bottle 

 An insulated water bottle will keep your liquids at just the right temperature. Whether you want to keep something hot for blustery winter days or refreshingly cool when participating in sports on a hot summer evening, you want a water bottle that is insulated.

The type of material makes a difference. Other factors can affect the insulation effectiveness, too. However, there are some things you can do to help insulate your water bottle, even if it has poor insulation qualities.

Stainless Steel Water Bottles

Blue stainless steel water bottle

Although they are a favorite choice among those who want to maintain their water at a perfect temperature, stainless steel water bottles come with advantages, as well as disadvantages. Some of the pros of owning stainless-steel insulated water bottles include:

  • The construction will allow you to keep your water cool and hot beverages hot.
  • Stainless steel will not break (as glass does), which makes it the perfect material for sports bottles, both for adults and for children.
  • Their sleek, attractive design is appealing.

Cons of Stainless Steel Water Bottles

  • Sometimes bottles are marketed as stainless steel when, in fact, only the exterior is covered with this material.
  • Many stainless steel bottles do not use food-grade stainless steel.
  • Even if the bottle is made of stainless steel, you want to avoid plastic caps or any other plastic parts of the bottle coming in contact with your water. BPA, phthalates, lead and many other types of toxins are associated with plastic.

Copper Water Bottles

Similar to stainless steel sport water bottles, copper vessels look great and are just as easy to carry around. Copper water bottles are not associated with health dangers, but on the contrary, these bottles are generally seen as beneficial to one’s health. Copper water bottles provide great insulation, too.

Some of the other advantages of owning a copper water bottle are:

  • Copper is antibacterial, and this means your water will be kept not only at the right temperature, but from various types of bacteria, as well.
  • Copper is believed to help with bone diseases. As studies demonstrate, those who suffer from osteoporosis suffer from a copper deficiency, so drinking water from a vessel made from this mineral can help you re-balance your body’s metals.
  • Heart diseases may also be minimized when drinking water from a copper bottle. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, copper deficiency has been associated with certain cardiovascular diseases for many years. So, ingesting more copper by keeping your water in bottles made from this metal might actually help your cardiovascular health.
  • Thyroid health issues are also connected to copper deficiency. In general, it is thought that hyperthyroidism is more widely associated with this type of deficiency, so drinking from a copper water bottle might help with thyroid issues.
  • Copper is an important factor in your body’s production of melanin. This substance is responsible for protecting your skin from sun damage, producing new skin cells and healing wounds. Therefore, it is more than likely that drinking from a sports water bottle will help you look younger and more radiant, too.

Vacuum Insulation

Many people believe that double-walled vacuum insulation is the best type of insulation to keep your drinks at the right temperature. The technology used is not new. This type of insulation has been around for over 100 years.

It works by having the outer wall of the bottle separated from the inner wall, where the liquid is held by a small area that has had all the air removed. That way, no matter what the temperature of the room or area where the bottle is kept, there is no way for heat to transfer to or from the liquid. Hence, the temperature of the liquid remains the same as when you filled the water bottle for long periods of time.


If you really want to keep your liquids at the right temperature, look for water bottles with the right kind of lids. Heat or cold transfers in whatever way it can. Every time you unscrew your water bottle, you will either let heat into the bottle and warm up cold drinks, or allow heat to escape and cool down warm liquids.

Many bottles today come with flip-up lids with a straw. This inhibits the outside temperature from affecting the temperature of the liquid inside your bottle.


Another effective way to help insulate your water bottle is to use a carrier or koozie. Even a personalized, knitted koozie works. Most carriers today use silicone or neoprene, which are both good insulators.

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