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Brands We Love: Cool Gear Water Bottle

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 Cool Gear custom sports water bottle

Reusable, custom water bottles come in a range of colors, designs and sizes to suit different needs. These bottles are ideal for many purposes, and enable you to benefit from healthy drinking water.

Reusable water bottles are perfect to give as gifts, as well as to use at home or work. They are also often used as promotional products by businesses.

Manufacturers making reusable, custom water bottle brands include Cool Gear. This brand provides access to a choice of water bottle styles and designs.

Each and every Cool Gear water bottle is made from quality materials and boasts practical features. They are also eye-catching and attractive, which makes them perfect for business promotions and events, as well as for personal use and as gifts.

Get Choice and Quality with Cool Gear Water Bottles

With Cool Gear water bottles, you get to benefit from choice and excellent quality. These reusable bottles not only look great, but are designed to last. If you want custom plastic water bottles that stand out from the crowd, Cool Gear is an excellent choice.  

Cool Gear is also very affordable, especially if you order in bulk.

Don’t forget to customize your bottle with your corporate logo or slogan. They make great marketing gifts.

The Variety of Cool Gear Water Bottles

 Cool Gear custom reusable water bottle

The Cool Gear brand offers both quality and choice. Some of the popular water bottles you can choose from include:

  • Cool Gear Penguin Sport Bottle: This penguin-shaped water bottle boasts an interesting design and is available in blue or gray. Modern, tough and practical, the bottle has a straw and carry hook. The flip-top lid offers enhanced practicality, as do the rubber grips on the front and back of each bottle.
  • Cool Gear Insulated Squeeze Bottle: These bottles are perfect for keeping your drinks cold for longer, as they come with foil-coated foam insulation. The pull and push spout provides simplicity, and the pull-top sipper cap can be removed for ease of cleaning. The bottle boasts a stylish, contemporary design and is available in blue.
  • Cool Gear Water Filtration Sport Bottle: If you are looking for a Cool Gear filtered water bottle, this is a perfect choice. The bottle comes with a filter and freezer stick system, which enables you to enjoy cleaner, purer water.

Available in a range of vibrant colors, this bottle is able to filter up to 150 gallons of water before the filter needs to be replaced. There is a built-in straw for increased convenience.

  • Cool Gear Aquos Sport Bottle: These bottles are both stain and odor resistant, making them ideal for long-term use. You can choose from blue or gray, and you’ll benefit from modern design and durable construction.

There is a screw-on lid with these bottles, along with a flip straw. The flip-top lid is leak resistant, and the lid base comes with a rubber grip to make the bottles even more practical.

The chiller stick attachment helps to keep your water colder for longer, which makes these bottles perfect for outdoor use and during the warmer months. The cap comes in a flip-up style, and the bottles have a handle to make them easier to carry.

Whichever of the Cool Gear water bottles you decide to choose, you can be assured of excellent quality and exemplary design. Robust construction, coupled with durable materials, make these reusable bottles perfect for a range of purposes. These bottles are practical, innovative and affordable, which is why this brand has become a popular choice amongst consumers and businesses.

Why Choose Cool Gear Water Bottles?

 Cool Gear sports water bottle

There are many reasons to choose Cool Gear for your custom, reusable water bottles. You can look forward to a good choice of bottles with this brand, which makes it easier to find the right design for your needs.

You also have the assurance of quality and practicality with all Cool Gear bottles. In addition, many come with valuable features, such as water filtration capabilities or insulation.

The competitive pricing of Cool Gear water bottles means you won’t have to spend a fortune to benefit from quality. You can look forward to affordable pricing on your bulk water bottle order, and you won’t have to compromise on quality or design.

Finally, the Cool Gear design is very attractive. Customizing a Cool Gear water bottle makes a great impression at trade shows or other events.

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