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Can a Copper Water Bottle Improve Your Health?

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In our modern and fast-paced life, we never think much of the bottles from which we take our daily dose of water. You must take care to use or purchase the right type of plastic bottle to avoid polluting the environment. A copper water bottle makes a great alternative to the wrong type of plastic container.

Copper is an essential mineral with numerous health benefits to our body. There are several foods including sunflower seeds, beef liver, lentils, dried apricots and more that offer a dose of copper. However, with our processed foods and artificial sources, the requirement of copper intake is hard to meet.

Copper water bottles can provide you a safe and healthy intake in trace amounts. Moreover, there are several benefits of copper and uses of copper bottles.

Chemically Safe

If you don’t know already, the FDA banned the use of BPA in plastic bottles for babies. The plastic bottles we so often use can leak harmful chemicals into our drinks. These chemicals can cause several complications and problems, so there are many reasons to use a BPA-free water bottle.

Use of copper and stainless steel water bottles is safe as there are no harmful chemical leaks that will contaminate your water.

Anti-Aging and Anti-Cancer

Copper has been known to slow down aging in our bodies. Purchase your water bottle in copper material. The copper helps fight the emergence of fine lines.

Copper is a natural anti-oxidant and battles the free radicals that cause you to age rapidly. Moreover, copper promotes the production of new skin cells to replace the naturally dying ones.

The strong anti-oxidant properties of copper not only help with aging but also battle cancer-causing free radicals. Sadly, the exact mechanism of how copper fights cancer is yet to be discovered. However, several studies have proven its significance as an anti-cancer element.

Fighting Germs for You

As soon as people learned to mold copper into utensils, they have been storing water. People found that water from the copper vessels was healthier.

In 2012, researchers kept water in a copper container for up to 16 hours and observed there were significantly fewer harmful microbes. Another extensive study from the University of South Carolina found the copper surfaces used in ICUs kill up to 97% of the infection causing bacteria in hospitals.

Woman drinking from reusable copper water bottle

The use of a copper water bottle presents not only chemical leak-free storage but also provide a hostile environment for several microbes. Commonly affected bacteria included Vibrio cholerae, enteropathogenic E. coli and Salmonella. Several other bacteria are incapable of surviving the copper environment.

Strengthening your Body Systems

If you are trying to lose weight, choose a copper water bottle. Copper aids the digestive system, making it more effective and efficient.

With better absorption of nutrient and fewer gut problems, your body feels less hungry. Copper is also known to break down stored fat in the body.

Copper promotes the production of phospholipids, which are an essential component in the formation of the myelin sheath in our nervous system. Hence, with a healthy nervous system, you feel energetic. In this way, copper is a great brain stimulant.

Similarly, there are several benefits of copper for the immune system, including a cure for anemia, faster healing and as a co-factor in several repair enzymatic processes.

Skin Issues and Melanin Production

By using copper water bottles, you can get a healthy amount of copper required to produce melanin. Melanin is the pigment that is required for the color of your eyes, skin and hair.

Melanin also functions as protection against the harmful rays of the sun. With a healthy amount of copper, your body can replace skin cells faster and heal scars better.

Copper Bottles for Ages

Not only are copper bottles safe and healthy, but also durable and high quality. If you are tired of decaying plastic bottles or unsafe glass bottles, copper bottles are the way to go.

Custom copper vacuum insulated water bottles

They are eco-friendly and durable. They are also easy to clean, in fact many are dishwasher safe, and come in appealing designs.


Using sport water bottles made of copper has its health benefits. Copper is an essential element to our body, and this is a great way of adding trace and healthy amounts into our system.

Order customized water bottles online so you can discover the healthy lifestyle of copper bottles and spread the word!

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