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Coolest Promotional Water Bottle Designs

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There are few promotional items that are as functional and customizable as a water bottle. Water bottles offer a perfect way to get your company or organization’s name out there while giving people an item they can use for years to come. In addition, the wide array of water bottle styles allows for all sorts of cool designs.

 Male hiker drinking from custom aluminum water bottle

Why Customize a Water Bottle?

Frequently used items like a refillable water bottle undoubtedly make for the best promotional products. People drink water every day. There is even a certain personal attachment one feels toward a water bottle. Sports enthusiasts, children, business people - in short, the number of people going about their day with a water bottle in hand is staggering.

Top quality promotional water bottles can be used for several years and if your company logo is on one of these bottles, you are in business. Essentially, your visibility will continue to grow on a daily basis, expanding the power of your logo and reaching more and more people without you having to lift a finger.

Essential Design Issues to Remember

It’s well worth investing time and effort into the design process, you may want to tweak your logo, play with colors and sizes, add poignant text or find other innovative ways of optimizing the use of this quality advertising space. Make a statement that will echo beyond today and tomorrow.

Make It a Learning Experience

You may be asking yourself, what could I possibly learn from a promotional water bottle? When you are designing a bottle, it may be beneficial to add some facts about the product or company you are promoting so people can become more familiar with the brand.

Try using a small font size, and create a list of unique facts that can be placed beneath the logo. The key, in this case, is to make them subtle enough they do not hinder the main design. Imaginative designs will enhance the look of your bottle and encourage just about anyone to drink more water.

Keep It Simple

There are times when a water bottle loaded with colorful graphics and varying font sizes can perfectly accompany the product you are promoting. However, if you are promoting something with a minimalist design then it may be best to keep the water bottle design simple and in line with your company’s brand image.

Blue custom aluminum water bottle with logo

A well-designed logo or a few words may be all it takes to turn your water bottle into the attention-grabber you are hoping for. Consider using a dark color for the graphics, and a light-colored bottle, so the label will stand out more. One benefit that comes with using a simple logo is it can be placed anywhere on the bottle and still look good.

Printing on the Bottle Grip

Many of the most popular types of sports water bottles come with a padded grip to ensure the outer shell does not become slippery. These grips also provide adequate space for labels to be applied. In this case, the color of the grip will dictate the different font colors that should be considered. If the grip has a darker tone than the surrounding bottle, you may want to consider using a light color scheme so the font will stand out.

Three examples of custom aluminum water bottle designs

There are many cool water bottle designs to consider when designing promotional items. A bottle with a well laid out color scheme can help gain customers by grabbing their attention. In addition, implementing the right logo and font sizes could mean the difference between your product being recognized or overlooked.

When developing a plan for promotional water bottle designs, keep these recommendations in mind, and you are sure to have a bottle that is unique and engaging.

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