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Custom Plastic Water Bottles- Hottest Colors for Summer

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This summer, make sure you’re keeping up with the hottest color trends, even down to the water bottle you or your team most certainly will carry around to keep cool. Speaking of cool, 2017 is sure to be the year you kick your fashion gear up a notch. According to Vogue, the buzzwords of summer 2017 are “color” and “light.” If you’re planning an event or making plans to unite a team, don’t leave off these eye-catching water bottles off your list!

Shop around to add just the right splash of summer color for your office event, family reunion, color run 5k, sport team or organization fundraiser. Check out the hottest colors that you should consider for your very own custom water bottles.

Tritan camping plastic water bottle

  1. Greenery, a “fresh and zesty yellow-green shade,” has been named the Pantone color of the year for 2017. It is a great reflection of what we are all hoping for this summer when it comes to thoughts of refreshment, revival and restoration. If you’re interested in creating a theme based on passion and vitality, this is the color for your personalized logo water bottles.
  2. Niagara Blue is also at the top of the charts for fashion this year, whether that’s wardrobe or décor. This blue is similar to a faded denim shade of blue, and it is, quite frankly, the best color for a water bottle.

This neutral blue is commonly associated with feelings of peace and tranquility. Niagara blue has a gorgeous appearance on glass water bottles with straws. Or perhaps this is the perfect shade for your custom plastic water bottles.

  1. Primrose Yellow is described as invigorating and uplifting to go along with the watchwords “color and light.” If you’re hoping to bring some joy into the workplace or possibly raise the spirits of your team this summer, inclusion of the yellow aluminum bottles or promotional coffee mugs just may be the way to go. Consider pairing your personalized logo with this happy color in 2017.
  2. Island Paradise Aqua Blue nearly speaks for itself. This color is supposed to generate thoughts of beach life and relaxation.

Perhaps your team is taking a tropical trip or maybe they are stuck in the office. Grabbing up some water bottles in bulk in this fresh color could be useful for the trip or as a soothing balm to those who may not be headed to the beach this season.

  1. Pale Dogwood Pink is a more neutral and muted shade of the pinks, but it brings its own splash despite those stereotypical descriptor words. Designers want people to think of innocence and purity, taking us all back to our more youthful days. Glass water bottles with straws or steel water bottles in a lighter shade of pink may be a great addition for the event if you have a classier or more formal theme this year.

    Colorful water bottles for every event
  2. Pink Yarrow is the bright ultra-pink that literally shouts, “Summer is here!” It’s a great eye-catching shade that is sure to bring energy to any group event. This color has been described as the depiction of the “adrenaline rush.”

Planning a 5k or ready to get your team motivated? Grab up some water bottles in bulk that are sure to be a necessity for your fast-paced event this year.


  1. Cognac Brown may sound boring when you’re thinking about the best days of summer, but this scored high points on the color chart for summer of 2017. Mostly, brown was chosen because it is supposed to inspire professional confidence and give a subtle variation to the typical colors of summer. Brown may not sound as exciting as the other color option, but it could be a great color for your more professional looking water bottles, travel mugs or insulated tumblers—and just think of how it may make your logo pop!

    Tritan infuser custom plastic water bottles
  1. Electric Purple may be the summer flavor you had in mind when you thought about throwing a large-scale event or making a big splash in your organization. This bold and vibrant color is all you need for more large-scale inspiration. Also, it is the perfect balance between the calm of blue and the rush of pink.

Here is your perfect middle-ground color for the summer of 2017. Grab up some bulk plastic water bottles in this shade for a great start to your summer.

Final Thoughts

No matter the style or statement that you’re trying to make in these upcoming warm months, 2017 has a variety of colors to meet your needs. You can’t go wrong by sticking with the color of the year (Greenery), and you’re bound to pep up your team with Island Paradise Aqua Blue. What colors will you choose?

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