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Custom Water Bottles – Best Promotional Products

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 SWAG or free stuff. It doesn’t matter what you call it, but people love to get new gear, especially when it is free. Whether you are hosting an event or organizing a fundraiser, branded merchandise is a great way to draw people in.

 However, all the free stuff in the world won’t grab the attention of people if they can’t use the product or don’t have a use for it. Everyone drinks water, making a custom branded water bottle an excellent, eye-catching, and practical solution. Read on for our picks and tips for finding the right gear for your next event.


Sports Bottles

Custom Sports Water Bottles

Let’s face it. People join races for the cool free gear they get at the finish line. Have you noticed how popular 5K races and half marathons have become? Runners and walkers of all skill levels now take part in these races for charity or for exercise. At your next race, stand out with a custom branded sports bottle. It will be the first thing racers reach for at the end of the race. Runners are always looking for new gear to make their workouts and training easier. With a custom sports bottle, your brand can have a visible presence every time they go out for a run.



Aluminum bottles offer a professional, clean, and sleek appearance. This makes them an ideal choice for branded gear for giveaways or prizes at tradeshows, conventions, and corporate functions. These bottles are durable, so your products won’t be tossed in the garbage can alongside the other free convention gear.

The best part about aluminum bottles is they are great at keeping cold drinks cooler and hot drinks warmer for an extended period. This makes them a great tool to have to tie into another giveaway. Are you thinking of offering hot chocolate at your next winter convention, or maybe a cold drink during your company’s summer corporate picnic? Consider these aluminum bottles as a way of making a statement.


Plastic Bottles

Plastic bottles are a great low-cost investment. This makes them an exceptional option for parties and less formal get-togethers. Because they are easy to use, BPA-free plastic bottles are sure to get an outstanding return on investment because of their practicality. Your clients or friends will be seeing your brand each time they reach for a sip. They are perfect for a no-frills event or fundraiser.


Infuser and Shaker

Plastic water bottles with infusers

Water can be boring. That’s why a whole aisle at the store exists of ways to flavor and jazz up plain H20. Infuser and shaker bottles are an ideal gift for those interested in drinking something with added flavor. The infusers can be used for fruit or tea. These make for an excellent promotional item for health spas, yoga studios, and gyms.

Not only will you be promoting your brand, but you are also offering a product for a select lifestyle for people who think healthfully, but enjoy a twist on things. These products are great for companies and businesses looking to offer a unique promotional product. You’ll stand out with an infuser water bottle.



Glass bottles are an attractive alternative to other materials. They offer a unique branding opportunity, particularly in terms of their design. Glass water bottles work best for a more subdued event. For your next big client gathering, or as a way of showing your appreciation to your business’s top clients, consider a branded glass bottle. Glass projects an elegant appearance, in addition to being a longer-lasting alternative to other materials.



Plastic water bottles with infusers

Like aluminum bottles, copper bottles are built to keep what is cold, cold, and what is hot, hot. Are you thinking about a way to say thank you to your clients while keeping your brand or business on the top of their mind? Custom branded copper water bottles are a great option. A unique shaped copper bottle is sure to be that something different your brand has been searching for.

Brand the bottles with your logo or business information so each time your clients take a sip they will be reminded of your service or product. Simple gifts and gestures like this are a sure-fire way to build and nurture relationships with clients. You’ll get your pennies’ worth with copper bottles.

Water bottles work great as a promotional tool because of their high-use value. Your branded gear will avoid being dumped in the garbage alongside the free oversized t-shirts and pens because it offers something that people need every day. For your next event, consider a branded water bottle. Whether you are awarding them to runners after a race or handing them out during a convention, your brand is sure to stand out.

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