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Gorgeous Design Ideas for Custom Water Bottles

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Customized water bottles can be both ecologically friendly and stylish all at once. When looking for the right custom water bottle for use as gifts or giveaways to show support for your team, employees, or clients, the only limit is the designer’s imagination.

There’s no reason to purchase dull, basic water bottles with no personality for gifts or brand awareness. Instead, create gorgeous designs paying close to attention to the use of color, imprint location, and imprint size.

Do you think a particular color might work better for your messaging plan than another color would? Make it a bold turquoise so that your enterprise’s brand will not get lost in the crowd. Have an organizational motto? Inscribe it on water bottles and motivate employees throughout the day while they hydrate. Alternatively, perhaps your corporate style is more subtle. In that case, choose a small design that is still meaningful but not over the top.

In addition to what you imprint on the bottle, you can also choose the material out of which it is made. For outdoor sports activity themes, consider a BPA-free plastic water bottle that can handle getting bounced and dropped. For general use, check out choices in aluminum and other premium materials.

With so many options in color, design, and material, it’s hard to choose the right one. We have collected several gorgeous design ideas that will can serve as inspiration for your organization or company’s own custom water bottle design.

Bold Logos

Water bottles are great for displaying a visually evocative company logo. This is long term advertising and the more stunning your design, the greater a statement it will make.



Shout with Color

Choose a premium water bottle that is bright and cheery! The brighter and bolder the colors the better! A bright colored bottle with a simple tagline or your company name would be great for your employees to use at the office and help save on polluting the environment with plastic.

Alternatively, opt to coordinate the bottle top with the colors in your corporate or organization’s logo.

Personalize with Font

The color alone is not the only way to show off style. Instead of standard lettering, try something else when ordering custom bottles. Experiment with eye-catching fonts to enhance your brand’s unique personality.

Live Your Motto

Does your company or organization have a mantra? Put it on a water bottle so that as employees hydrate throughout the day, they will be reminded of the brand.

Consider a water bottle that combines an inspirational motto with a plastic sports water bottle. Clients and others will appreciate the thought when working out at the gym, for example.

Another twist on the motivational water bottle is one that puts water intake milestones right on the bottle. That way, your employees or customers can keep track of exactly how much water they’re drinking each day.

Design Something for Your Staff Support

Need some water bottles designed to boost the morale of your team? There are a lot of great design ideas that combine a simple message of support, bold colors, and something attractive enough that the team will be proud to carry it during an event or place of work.

Fresh, Beautiful, and the Message Is Green

Does your company or group want to promote an environmentally friendly message? Keep it fresh and beautiful with a clean and green design.  For example, campaigns that highlight bringing your own bottle to help limit plastic pollution might benefit from simplistic designs and abbreviations.


Prints are always in style and putting them on a water bottle is an excellent way to shout out a message. Try choosing one design and repeating it all over the bottle in different colors.

Fun and Eye-Catching

Don’t want to go the simplistic route? There is no reason the design on a water bottle must be limited to one logo or message. Try boldly highlighting a name or statement, and have the bottles include small icons of a dozen different things you may want to emphasize for your group or business.

Custom aluminum water bottle with logos
Photo Credit: Focus Lab

 These are only a few of the many beautiful custom water bottle design ideas for any occasion. Hopefully, these ideas will inspire the creation of something that suits the specific needs of a group, organization, or business enterprise. The only limit is your imagination!

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