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Graphic Artist’s Guide to Designing Logo Water Bottles

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Do you need a memorable product to give out at your next promotional event? Custom water bottles are a fun way to promote your cause and surprise your guests at your next convention or corporate event.

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But before you jump in to order your next batch of water bottles, you should design a logo to print on the bottles. For a complete beginner, this task can seem daunting.

There are many factors to consider when designing your own logo. But this guide will give you some tips on how to make your dream design come to life, and how you can make your custom water bottles a hit at your next event.   

Logo Design Guidelines

Logos are ubiquitous, found everywhere in our lives. They are the metaphors for brand names, communicating a message visually.

To design a good logo, you need to be familiar with the basics of graphic design, such as considering the image, color, text, style, proportion and composition of a design. Your logo should also deliver a clear message so it can become an effective marketing tool for your brand.

Often, a logo does not have to be related to your product or brand. Famous examples of this include the logo for Apple computers, which does not take the shape of a computer. Another famous example is the Starbucks’ mermaid logo, which features a mermaid that has nothing to do with coffee.

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Whatever design you choose, make sure you are not copying the design for a preexisting logo. You want your own distinctive design that will make your product stand out. When someone sees it, you want them to immediately think of your company.

Aspect Ratio

The aspect ratio is defined as the ratio of the width to height of an image. It is an important ratio to consider. Using the wrong aspect ratio will stretch or compress your logo into a distorted shape.

Aspect ratios are critical for rectangular and square logos, but not so important for most of the round ones. For example, horizontal aspect ratios are perfect for web banners, while circle logos are ideal for printing on curved surfaces, such as water bottles.

Imprint Size

The imprint size is the most important part of logo design. This is the space where you can showcase your logo to the public.

Depending on where you are printing your logo, different products will have different imprint areas. For example, designs for water bottles will have smaller imprint areas than designs for t-shirts, while designs for ballpoint pens will have still smaller imprint areas.

The size of the imprint area will affect how much detail your logo should have. Designing a logo for ball point pens will require significantly less detail work than a logo taking up the entire front side of a t-shirt.

Imprint Shape

The shape of the imprint area should also be taken into consideration. Generally, longer logos are ideal for printing on longer objects, like pens and pencils. Compact logos in the shape of a circle or square are ideal for flat surfaces, such as Frisbees or lunch boxes.

Your design will also have to depend on the shape of your product. For water bottles, you can create your logo based on the curvature of the bottle to get the most out of your logo.

Imprint Color

You should always consider the color of the water bottle you are planning to order when you are designing your logo. This is because the color of the water bottle acts as a background and contrast for the design and other features.

Printing a simple black logo on a clear water bottle will have drastically different effects than printing it on a gray water bottle. Obviously, the black logo will be easy to see on the clear bottle, whereas you may not be able to distinguish clearly the printing or image on the gray one.

You can also try experimenting with contrasting colors. Printing a white logo on a black water bottle will result in a cool, eye-catching effect. Pairing complementary colors such as a yellow logo on a blue bottle will result in a bottle more pleasing to the eye.

Color wheel

Type of Water Bottle

You can also choose between a variety of water bottles made of different materials. The two most common types of water bottles used for promotion are plastic water bottles and aluminum water bottles.

The water bottle material will act as a canvas for your logo. Plastic will give a matte effect, while aluminum provides a shine to your logo.

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