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How Reusable Water Bottles are Eco-Friendly

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Plastic water bottles and aluminum cans have been used to deliver our favorite beverages to us for several decades. However, there are still no good recycling or eco-friendly dumping options for plastic bottles. Plastic bottles are used mostly for bottled drinking water, with Americans spending more than $13 billion annually on the product.  

While many people buy bottled water due to its health benefits, lack of drinking water or mere convenience, most of us do not realize it is equally easy to use reusable bottles. It is cheaper and healthier, too. Plus, it is much easier on the environment, more convenient and soft on your budget to use customized reusable water bottles for your drinking water needs.

Centuries of Landfills

The most widely used plastic for the disposable water bottles is petroleum-based polyethylene terephthalate (PET). Even though recent PET bottles have the option of being recycled, it is estimated that in the United States only 29% of the 44 billion bottles are sent back to be recycled. What happens to the rest?

Landfill full of plastic water bottles

In California, for example, more than one billion water bottles wind up in the trash and must be disposed of in landfills. Such a large volume of plastics is not easily biodegradable and may take up to 1,000 years!

The Cost of Oil

Petroleum-based polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is not only hard to decompose, but it also requires a humongous amount of energy. It has been estimated that the cost of water bottle delivery for Americans uses more than 47 million gallons of oil annually. That is how much oil is required to meet the delivery demands of the bottled water industry.

By switching to reusable water bottles, you can dramatically reduce the oil cost that goes into producing disposable plastic bottles. Even if the reusable bottles are made of plastic, they are designed to be used multiple times safely, and you can even recycle them!

Saving the Water Cycle and Nature

Several advertisements for bottled water companies show their water coming from beautiful mountains and breathtaking rivers. What most of us don’t realize is that the natural landscape shown in these advertisements is massively and adversely affected as water from natural rivers is routed away and into water bottles.

This routing means the water bodies are slowly deprived, and all life downstream is affected. Wildlife is affected and is slowly moving towards extinction. Droughts and erosion are widespread.

Beautiful river flowing through mountainous forest

On the other hand, the tap water and the dispensable drinking water is accessed locally and naturally dumped back into the earth in the same region. This dumping maintains the ecological balance. Reusable water bottles enable this option of consuming and disposing water in the same area and maintaining the water cycle, simultaneously saving our natural landscapes.

To make one liter of bottled water it takes 1.39 liters of natural spring water. This figure doesn’t include any water used to make the plastic bottles. So, almost 4% of spring water for every one-liter bottle produced is wasted.

The Leaky Hazards

Not only do we use precious landfill space for disposable plastic bottles but also suffer the consequences of leaking harmful and toxic chemicals. PET bottles are one of the major toxic leaking elements in landfills.

Reusable water bottles do not find their way into trash and landfills easily. Most consumers are already ecologically aware and even after elongated use, users dispose of their bottles appropriately. Most reusable water bottles, therefore, end up back in the recycling chain.

Healthy for You!

While most people assume tap water may be unhealthy, this is due to the inflicted trauma of advertisement. Contrary to popular belief, the federal standards for tap water in most states are higher than those for bottled water.

The advertisement and flashy mineral additions cause many people in safe water drinking areas, such as San Francisco, to choose bottled water.

A reusable water bottle will prevent any potential side effects of PET plastic bottles, such as dizziness, vomiting and even depression.  

The Final Word

Reusable water bottles are not only eco-friendly but also save you a lot of money. They are easy to clean and sanitize, giving them a long life, which reduces the cost of the plastic bottles. The disposable bottles that normally contain the drinking water aren’t designed to be used repeatedly and often start smelling, while leaking harmful chemicals into your water.

Customized plastic water bottles

You can also customize and pick the water bottle for sports, for promoting events or brands, or even just to get a convenient and personalized bottle. Switch to reusable water bottles and save the environment, while enjoying the many benefits that come with them.

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