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Promote Your Event with Custom Plastic Water Bottles

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Female athlete drinking from water bottle with infuser

A sporting event is always an exciting moment. Whether the anticipation, the energy, the promise of a fight on the field, the track or the ice - sports capture our imagination in a unique and fun way. While big, professional teams might not need a lot of promotional materials to bring in the fans, events that happen on a city or state level can often use some help.

Freebies and SWAG are always nice, but they are much more appreciated when they serve a purpose. Sure, you could give out oversized T-shirts for your participants to sleep in, but you could also give out American made, eco-friendly products that encourage good habits.

Reusable sports water bottles are in more demand everyday with big anti-plastic campaigns all over social media. Sports fans of all kinds agree that a great product that helps the environment helps everyone feel a little more excited about spending the day running a trial, doing the Warrior One pose on their yoga mat or sitting in the stands.

  • Get Your Logo Working

The first thing you need to do whenever you want to have a giveaway at your event is to create a customized freebie. In this case, we want great, lightweight water bottles to act as the vehicles for catchy logos. If your company is new and still coming up with a great logo, try some test runs on different products like coffee mugs or hoodies to make sure the symbol of your business is eye-catching and the message is clear.

Cyclists rounding curve in bike race

  • Choose the Bottle Based on the Event

Hosting a huge yoga retreat? Try a bottle that allows for a fruit infusion for the carrier.

This extra section allows the drinker to add some fruit or fresh herbs to lightly flavor their water and make it extra refreshing. Participants will be making sure that their bottle is BPA-free, so be sure to buy from a reputable website.

If you are promoting a marathon, Ironman Triathlon or bike race, you want a bottle that has some kind of clip or connecting unit at the top so that it can be carried easily on your belt or a bike. Make sure it’s lightweight and easy to carry by hand, as well.

When you’re buying for the fans, look for items that are shatter and spill resistant so, that if anything is dropped in the seats or the hallway, it won’t be cause for panic. You have a lot of options if you just need something for your visitors, so choose the design you feel best reflects the spirit of the event. Water bottles come in everything from slim, soda-bottle designs to tough, expert athlete looks, so have fun with it.

Custom water bottles in many colors

  • Consider Color

Colors have a huge effect on our psyches, don’t underestimate them. Do your research to find the right colors to bring out the mentality you want. Don’t take the easy way out and just use company or team colors, make this choice carefully.

Yellow is the way to go for a more straightforward, family-friendly event, such as a fun run or company picnic. It represents clarity and warmth, as well as a friendly simplicity (which is why so many fast food restaurants use it in their decor.)

Orange has a young, energetic ring to it and is great for a kid-centric event like a day of roller skating, a dance competition or obstacle course. The color is a representation of cheer and confidence, so let it shine.

Bright, bold red is the way to go when you want people to get excited about your big day. If you’re hosting a major hockey or roller derby tournament, the full-on, exciting action is best captured in this color.

Another family-friendly color is purple, the stand-in for themes like creativity, intrigue and imagination. If you want people to come to the park and throw paint at a wall with you or roll around in the mud, this is your hue of choice.

Blue is a color for trust and reliability. This is why there’s so much blue in baseball, because you can always count on it. Use blue for a more familiar sport like tennis, basketball or running to help everyone feel like experts as they take to the trail or cheer in the stands.

If you’re encouraging participants to bring their dogs to a big competition, to run through a forest or practice Pilates outdoors, you want a nice, pretty green. Green is the go-to color for anything associated with growth or health. This is why so many outdoor products rely on it; we can’t but think of leaves and soft breezes when we see it.

A less-common but equally important choice is a nice grey. Grey can be a great way to represent balance, an air of neutrality or calm.

If your event isn’t necessarily competitive or if it’s long-term, possibly repeating, grey is the right color for you. It’s a non-verbal reminder that a day of sports is only the beginning.

Final Thoughts

The last thing you want to consider is, would I buy it? If the answer is “yes”, you’ve found the right customized water bottle for you. Choose your color, add your logo and get those bottles out into the world to bring in your participants and fans. You’ll have hydrated, happy fans and even feel better about reducing waste in the world.

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