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Stainless Steel or Aluminum? Choose Your Custom Metal Water Bottle

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Customized aluminum water bottles

Metal custom water bottles are a fantastic choice for any situation, because they can help keep beverages at a constant temperature for extended periods, and they are more durable than their plastic and glass counterparts. Also, metal beverage bottles have contemporary designs that look much cooler than their plastic competitors and are perfect for sports, camping, promotions or even employee incentives. Although metal water bottles have a greater initial cost than plastic bottles, they are more durable and therefore provide longer-lasting value.

There are many great metal water bottle styles. They are usually available in diverse shapes; some are even designed to look like soda bottles. Many of these bottles include several features, such as various kinds of lids, keychain attachments, insulation and many others.

But, picking out a water bottle style is the easy part. Understanding the differences between the range of styles is sometimes more important.

When considering a custom metal water bottle, there are a few things a consumer might want to understand. Although the two primary styles of metal bottle have similar external appearances, stainless steel and aluminum have very different constructions.

Aluminum Water Bottles

Aluminum water bottles are often less expensive than stainless steel water bottles. However, this largely depends on the distributor, materials used and manufacturing processes.

Athletic shoes and stainless steel water bottle

They also generally weigh less than steel bottles. This lightweight construction is beneficial in situations where weight can be burdensome, such as running or camping. Because aluminum bottles are lighter, they also allow the liquid within to cool quicker than stainless bottles.

However, the lighter metal is also softer than steel. Therefore, aluminum bottles may dent more easily than their steel counterparts.

Because aluminum is a more malleable metal than steel, the aluminum material is easier to manipulate into unique bottle shapes.

Aluminum is a non-neutral (reactive) alloy which contains other metals in its composition. Therefore, aluminum water bottles have a lining inside. The lining is made from a resin, polymer, epoxy or enamel.

The purpose of the liner is to prevent aluminum leaching from changing the beverage’s flavor. It also helps reduce the transfer of odors and taste between the different types of liquid the bottle may hold.  

The lining inside aluminum bottles is softer than the rigid polyurethane used for making traditional plastic water bottles. Consequently, the likelihood of the lining breaking or cracking after an impact is reduced.  

Also, aluminum water bottles will not rust. However, they are not dishwasher safe. Aluminum water bottles must be hand washed, and care should be taken to avoid scratching the internal lining.

Finally, aluminum bottles are easily recyclable.

Stainless Steel Bottles

Stainless steel water bottles can be more expensive than aluminum. However, they have other beneficial features that offset the cost.

Ordinarily, stainless water bottles are heavier than aluminum bottles. The heavier construction produces a long-lasting and sturdy water bottle.

The sturdier water bottle is more resistant to rough handling, such as denting and bending, than its aluminum counterpart. Also, the heavier construction of stainless steel water bottles absorbs and retains more heat than aluminum bottles.

Furthermore, since stainless steel water bottles do not use internal liners, the bottles can withstand more heating. For example, if you go camping a lot and need to boil river water for sterilization, you probably need a stainless steel water bottle. The stainless steel can withstand the boiling temperatures, whereas an aluminum or some other type of bottle with a liner could not.

Woman filling stainless steel water bottle from spring

High-quality stainless steel water bottles are rust-resistant. They are also dishwasher safe because of their ability to withstand higher temperatures, and they are easier to hand wash because they do not have a lining.

Finally, stainless steel water bottles are environmentally friendly because they will outlast any other water bottle. Since they are virtually everlasting, thereby reusable for many years, they reduce the need for buying multiple water bottles over time. They are also potentially recyclable.


Stainless steel or aluminum water bottles are both good custom water bottle options. They are both more durable and environmentally friendly than most plastic bottles, and they will not shatter on impact like glass bottles. Although stainless steel bottles are heavier and can be more expensive, they can potentially last longer than light aluminum bottles.

The main differences between stainless and aluminum are the internal lining and design diversity of aluminum water bottles. Since stainless bottles don’t have a lining, they are easier to clean and can withstand more heat. However, they sometimes lack the unique shapes of their aluminum counterparts.

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