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Ultimate Guide to Custom Water Bottles

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Whether you are looking for a gift idea, a cool promotional item or something to sip from while at the gym, a custom water bottle is a must-have. In addition to serving a functional purpose, water bottles are a great way to showcase your personality, and with thousands of different customizations, they are one of the most versatile tools for marketing.


Sports Water Bottles

There are few items that are as important as a water bottle when you are playing sports. It does not matter whether you are on the field or coaching on the sidelines, staying hydrated is vital to success.

But if you are out there giving it your all, you do not want to use just any old water bottle. Instead, make sure that the water bottle meets the standards required for athletes.

Sports Water Bottles with Filters

There are few things as satisfying as a gulp of cold, clean water when you are drenched in sweat after working out. Unfortunately, when you are exercising or playing sports, you are sometimes forced to fill your water bottle from a source, such as a well or drinking fountain, and this can give the water an off-putting taste.

Thankfully, there are sports water bottles available that have built-in filtration systems to help eliminate any bad tastes due to chlorine and other impurities. Not only do these water bottles have replaceable filters to ensure that water tastes fresh, but they can also be customized to show your team spirit.

Infuser Sports Water Bottles

Infuser water bottle with orange and lime slicesWhile a gulp of crisp, pure water can be wonderfully hydrating, there are times when you want to flavor things up a bit. This does not mean that you have to load your water bottle with sugar-packed powders or supplements for flavor.

Consider using a water bottle with infuser, so you can add the flavors of natural ingredients, without masking the taste of the water. Typically, infusers in water bottles are hollow, cylindrical tubes, large enough to accommodate fruit slices and even ice cubes. So, if you are looking to add a little lemon juice to your water, or perhaps another fruit flavor, an infuser will allow you to do so.

Insulated Sports Water Bottle

If your body is warm from being out in the hot sun, you can bet your water is getting warm, as well, unless you are using an insulated sports water bottle. Insulated bottles contain a sleeve of insulating material that surrounds the fluid, and it can help maintain lower temperatures for hours at a time, giving you plenty of time to exercise and still have a cool drink at the end. If you need to keep your water at cool temperatures for extended periods of time, you will want to consider an insulated sports water bottle.  


Plastic Water Bottles

There are times when durability is a concern when using a water bottle, and in these cases, a plastic water bottle can be your best bet. Plastic water bottles are able to withstand being dropped, and they come in many different shapes and sizes, so you are sure to find one that fits your situation. In addition, plastic water bottles are highly customizable, so they are perfect for promotional events.

Plastic Shaker Water Bottle

It used to be that if you wanted to add ingredients to your water, such as dietary supplements or other drink powders, a spoon was necessary to mix the substances. Even then, the ingredients would settle after a while.

With the introduction of custom plastic water bottles with shakers, this is no longer an issue. Shaker bottles utilize a metal wire ball that is similar to a whisk, to stir the ingredients together without a mixing spoon.

Shaker plastic water bottle and measuring scoops

In fact, the mixing ball actually works better at combining different ingredients than a spoon or stirrer. To make the design even more aesthetic, the mixing balls are often colored to match the outside of the bottle. If you are hoping to put a custom design on one of these bottles, the mixing ball gives you another element to work with, which can expand the number of design possibilities.

Plastic Water Bottle with Straw

There are many people who prefer to use a straw when they drink. If you are looking for a water bottle that uses a straw, then plastic is going to be your best bet.

There are many different plastic water bottles that have straws attached, and these can come in a variety of designs. Even the straw itself can vary considerably from bottle to bottle.

Perhaps the most popular type of water bottle on the market are of the design type that uses a flexible straw. The flexible straw can bend at any angle and still function, thanks to collapsible crimps that line the straw.

A water bottle with a flexible straw is perfect for those that do not want to have to tilt the bottle up for fear of spillage. In addition, it is a great choice for children who are old enough to safely use a straw, but who still spill fluids when using an open-mouthed container.


If a water bottle with a flexible straw does not meet your needs, there is a different type of bottle that uses a rigid straw. The straw on this style of water bottle only protrudes from the cap a couple of inches, but it has the advantage of folding to one side, which in turn, seals the water bottle. If you are wanting to use a drinking straw, but you need to ensure the water bottle is closed tight when not in use, then you will want to consider this model.

Plastic water bottles are perfect for design because they come in multiple shapes, sizes and colors. If you are wishing to add logos or text to the bottle, with a plastic water bottle you can pick a color that complements the style and color of the label you wish to have printed on the face.

In addition, there are many plastic bottles that come in transparent colorations, and these can help your logo stand out when light shines through it. For instance, you may consider placing a white font on the face of a dark blue, transparent water bottle, and this will help the text to pop, creating a great look. There are even retro-style plastic water bottles that are made to resemble your favorite soda bottles of the past.


Aluminum Water Bottles

If you are looking for a water bottle that is both durable and elegant, you will want to consider an aluminum water bottle. A water bottle that is made from aluminum is naturally insulated, and it can help keep your drink at the proper temperature for extended periods of time. Many aluminum water bottles incorporate a rubber grip that is not only functional, but also gives the bottle a nice look.

Vacuum Insulated Aluminum Water Bottle

Aluminum water bottle on mossy cliffAluminum bottles are great for both hot and cold liquids, and few are better in terms of keeping the fluid at the desired temperature than vacuum-insulated water bottles. This type of bottle can keep drinks hot for up to 8 hours and cold for 48 hours. That is right, a vacuum insulated bottle will keep your drink cold for two whole days, and these superior insulative properties are made even greater by plating the aluminum with a layer of copper.

Aluminum Water Bottle with Carabineer

One of the most desired water bottle styles on the market these days is the aluminum water bottle with screw cap and attached carabineer. The cap, along with the carabineer, makes it so that the bottle can easily be attached to a backpack or belt loop for added portability.

These bottles have a simple, yet rugged design that makes them perfect for hiking and mountain climbing. If you are trying to promote a business that focuses on getting out in the wilderness, you will want to use this bottle for marketing.


Glass Water Bottles

If you want to take your promotional items to the next level in elegance, then you should consider a glass water bottle for your next marketing campaign. There are a couple of styles of glass water bottles that are particularly popular, and each has its own unique features that make it worth considering.

Geometric Glass Water Bottle

Geometric glass water bottleThere are few water bottles that look as good as the geometric glass water bottle, especially if you are using a white font color for a label. In addition to giving the water bottle a unique appearance, the geometric design acts as a grip for the bottle, and it also comes with a strap so it can be easily carried. There is something about this water bottle that perfectly accompanies the winter months, and when adorned with snowflakes, it makes a great gift.

Hover Glass Water Bottle

The hover glass water bottle is aptly named, as it creates an illusion that makes it appear as if it were hovering in its sleeve. To make this glass water bottle even more unique, a logo can be added to the clear glass front. When the container is filled with liquid, the logo will contrast with the color of the fluid, making the logo really stand out.


Premium Water Bottles

While premium water bottles may cost slightly more than other styles, they are well worth the additional investment. If the goal is to make a statement, then a premium water bottle is the way to go.

Orange and blue premium sports water bottles

The material in which the bottle is made does not necessarily dictate whether the bottle is considered premium, as there are premium level water bottles made from plastic, aluminum and glass. It is the way in which they are designed and the quality of the material that make them more desirable.

Stain Resistant - One of the features that many of the premium water bottles have in common is their resistance to stains and odors. You may be surprised to learn that water bottles can be stained permanently if a liquid is left in them for extended periods of time.

If the bottle is clear, this can give it a dirty look. If you are using the product as a means of advertising for your business this can be seen as a representation of the company. When you are considering a water bottle as a promotional item, it is worthwhile to make sure it is stain resistant.

Odor Resistant - When water is left in a container that has an odor to it, such as a water bottle, it will taste like the scent of the odor. This can be off-putting when you are yearning for a sip of fresh water, and instead, it tastes foul. Water bottle manufacturers have taken note of this, and in turn, they are implementing odor-resistant technologies when they develop water bottles.


Final Thoughts

As it has been shown, there are custom water bottles that will suffice for every occasion. Whether you are wanting to promote a product or company, or just looking for a container for your beverage, a custom water bottle is a great choice. If you actively exercise or play sports, then it is worth considering a sports water bottle, as many of these incorporate insulation technologies to help keep the water cool for hours on end. This can be incredibly refreshing when sweating.


When it comes to promoting your business, there are few options better for advertising purposes than a plastic water bottle. These bottles come in a wide spectrum of colors, so it is easy to find a color scheme that is visually pleasing. In addition to their aesthetic properties, plastic water bottles are also durable and are great for children.

If a touch of elegance is what you are going for, then a glass water bottle will be well worth the consideration, as it can help take your business to the next level. In all, there are many choices when it comes to water bottles, and with the assistance of this guide, you should be prepared when the time comes to make a purchase.

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