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What gift should I get for my employees

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Whether its the holidays, a company's milestone, someone's birthday, or simply showing your employees how much you appreciate them, employee gifts can be difficult to come up with. Your employees will appreciate many things, but there are certain gift ideas that should always be considered and that go a long way to show them that you care. You don't want to give them something that will be useless to them and just ends up sitting somewhere in their closet or cabinet. It's better to gift things that will be reused by your employees or an experience they'll appreciate and enjoy. That's right, it doesn't have to be something tangible, so keep an open mind and use some of these ideas to give as gifts to your employees in the future.

Promotional Goodie Gear 

Thinking of giving your employee random promotional items with the company's logo? Let me stop you right there. Don't do this. This just feels like a hand me down even if the items you give are useful. 

Instead, opt for a bottle, tumbler, or mug with the company logo and fill it with goodies. For example, I've seen employees fill these up with gift cards, truffles, raffles, women essentials, lipsticks, nail polishes, bow ties, cuff links, or jewelry. What you fill it with of course depends on the theme you're going with or who you're giving it to. 

Once it's filled, enclose the custom bottle, tumbler, or mug with clear wrap and a ribbon, and voila! Your employees will enjoy opening this and seeing the several goodies and gifts they've received.

Gift Cards 

Don't have time to do the above? Thats okay! Gift cards are always appreciated, and it is money at the end of the day, and who doesn't want money? The best gift cards an employer can give to his or her employees is a generic visa gift card, an amazon gift card, or personalized gift cards to a place specific to that individual. For example, one of your employees loves Starbucks and you see them bring it in every morning, so instead give that person a Starbucks gift card. 


Yep that's right, it says massages! What's a better experience to offer your employees than a massage! Of course this doesn't mean you roll up your sleeves and start putting that elbow to work on your employees back. No one wants a sexual harassment suit. What we mean is hire professional massagers to come in and set up an area to offer your employees free massages through out the day or even the whole week. If it's not possible to do this, then instead give your employees a massage voucher to a massage spa. They can go on their own time and feel free to use it whenever they like. 


Not feeling any of the above? If all else fails, give your employees bonuses! This will definitely be appreciated and go a long way. After all, it is more money coming their way and going in their bank account! Either way, extra money will be noticed by your employees, and it shows them that you care.  

Gift giving can be tedious and difficult for family members and significant others, and it can be even more tedious when it's for your employees. Put yourself in their position and think of things they'll appreciate and enjoy. If everything failed and the gifts were a flop, well then, just remind yourself many bosses are despised and under appreciated around the world, and you're just one of them!


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