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Why Custom Sports Bottles Make Great Promotional Products

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Promotional items are a fabulous way to make an event stand out. People like gimmicks, and they like free things even more.

For giveaways to be effective, however, they must follow a few established rules. The list of possible promotional products is long, but the list of those that give a maximum return on investment is much shorter.

Some giveaway items are best for particular audiences, while others are universal, such as custom sports bottles. Here are some reasons why custom sports bottles make great promotional products.

Green plastic infuser water bottle


One of the primary benefits of using custom water bottles is their reusability. You must dispose of cups eventually, but you can use and refill sports bottles almost indefinitely.

The ability to reuse an item gives it longevity, which is a key factor in determining the effectiveness of a promotional product. Though the ideal giveaway varies with your target audience, it should strike a balance between your budget and a long shelf life.

If the item you give away is not durable enough, event attendees will likely discard the product, and you risk them forgetting your message.


Some past promotional products have created environmental concerns. Non-environmentally friendly items that are discarded can cause harm to our environment by ending up in a landfill.  

Fortunately, most custom sports bottles are made from recyclable plastics and other environmentally conscious materials. Some water bottle retailers offer unique eco-friendly selections for the most nature-conscious consumers. You can even find bottles constructed of biodegradable materials.

Easy to Carry

Red personalized BPA free plastic sports water bottle

This one is a pretty simple reason, but maybe one of the biggest. Most custom bottles are at least relatively small and easy to store.

Promotional products must not inconvenience the people they are given to, or it will negate the very purpose of giving them away. Some bottles come with an accessory for latching onto backpacks or belt hoops to make transportation even easier.  


This is necessary for lengthy events held outdoors during warmer weather seasons, as guests of these affairs will be exposed to the elements. Extended activity in the heat can pose a risk of anything from mild discomfort to heat stroke.

Guests participating in athletic events, like marathons or outdoor games, are especially susceptible to dehydration. Having water on hand also helps these athletes maintain their endurance and stamina during the event.


Since many consumers have become more health-conscious in recent years, retailers have begun providing water bottles more focused on customers’ well-being. These premium water bottles are constructed out of materials that offer certain health benefits.

Use BPA-free bottles to demonstrate you are up-to-date and knowledgeable in current health trends. BPA stands for bisphenol A, an industrial chemical that has been used in plastic manufacturing for many years.

BPA has serious potential side effects and has been historically used in many food and water containers. Thankfully, some custom water bottle retailers provide BPA-free merchandise.


Some claim that as many as a quarter of Americans receive custom sports bottles and use them regularly afterward. There have been reports of some custom water bottles being handed out at one event and then being seen carried around the area for weeks.

This is literally a walking opportunity for some tremendous advertising. Every time someone decides to bring a custom sports bottle out into public, they are exposing everyone around them to your brand.



Blue custom reusable water bottle

Perhaps the biggest draw of using custom water bottles for promotional products as opposed to any other giveaway idea is the relatively low cost. Giving away items that are too cheap can damage your message and reputation, but using more expensive and intricate promotional products can drown your message out altogether. You will have emptied your wallet just to give your guests a shiny new toy, which is not necessarily bad, but it does little to nothing for your brand.

Custom sports bottles can be bought at higher volumes for very reasonable prices, and they last a considerably long time, so they are real value for their money. There is a broad range of custom water bottles to choose from. Everything from custom squeeze water bottles for cyclists and other on-the-go athletes to copper water bottles for the health conscious and for those who enjoy their water ice cold.

Final Thoughts

Using promotional products can sometimes be a hit or miss affair, and in general, you should play a smart strategy with giveaways. Custom sports water bottles offer an ideal option for fulfilling both your marketing and budget needs.

Everyone from toddlers to the elderly can be seen toting a sports water bottle. Your decision depends on your budget, type of event and the message you want to get across to your participants.

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