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About us

Custom Water Bottle started out as a desire to offer quality promotional products. We have been there ourselves - looking for that perfect promotional give away to potential customers and hoping the item helped leave a lasting impression! We believe there are only a handful of items that are effective promotional giveaways, and of course one of them being water bottles. Promotional drinkware is an excellent way of having your customer remember you in the long run.

At Custom Water Bottle we believe in offering dedicated customer service and providing an easy experience when you order from us. We look forward to expanding our products further and making Custom Water Bottle your go to place for promotional drinkware!

We also believe in reducing plastic water bottle waste. This is an issue many grasp but few realize the impact they can have. At Custom Water Bottle we believe the more you refill the same water bottle, the better! In certain situations throw away plastic bottles are needed, but we believe more often than not we can substantially reduce plastic waste starting from your own home and personal day to day activities!

We have always firmly believed in the power of receiving and giving. Custom Water Bottle has always had the intention of giving back to the world, and with customers like you, you are helping us make the world a better place! Whether its for your business, organization, event, or team, rely on Custom Water Bottle to keep you hydrated! 


For any questions, general inquiries or you just want to talk about your day, feel free to reach us anytime!